Adds a layer of water to a map.

add_water(hillshade, watermap, color = "imhof1")



A three-dimensional RGB array.


Matrix indicating whether water was detected at that point. 1 indicates water, 0 indicates no water.


Default `imhof1`. The water fill color. A hexcode or recognized color string. Also includes built-in colors to match the palettes included in sphere_shade: (`imhof1`,`imhof2`,`imhof3`,`imhof4`, `desert`, `bw`, and `unicorn`).


#Here we even out a portion of the volcano dataset to simulate water: island_volcano = volcano island_volcano[island_volcano < mean(island_volcano)] = mean(island_volcano) #Setting a minimum area avoids classifying small flat areas as water: island_volcano %>% sphere_shade(texture="imhof3") %>% add_water(detect_water(island_volcano, min_area = 400),color="imhof3") %>% plot_map()
#We'll do the same thing with the Monterey Bay dataset to fill in the ocean: montbay_water = montereybay montbay_water[montbay_water < 0] = 0 montereybay %>% sphere_shade(texture="imhof4") %>% add_water(detect_water(montbay_water),color="imhof4") %>% plot_map()