Adds a marker and label to the current 3D plot

render_label(heightmap, text, x, y, z, zscale = 1, relativez = TRUE,
  offset = 0, clear_previous = FALSE, textsize = 1, dashed = FALSE,
  dashlength = "auto", linewidth = 3, antialias = FALSE, alpha = 1,
  textalpha = 1, freetype = TRUE, adjustvec = NULL,
  family = "sans", fonttype = "standard", linecolor = "black",
  textcolor = "black")



A two-dimensional matrix, where each entry in the matrix is the elevation at that point. All points are assumed to be evenly spaced.


The label text.


Either the `x` coordinate in the matrix.


Either the `y` coordinate in the matrix.


Elevation of the label, in units of the elevation matrix (scaled by zscale).


Default `1`. The ratio between the x and y spacing (which are assumed to be equal) and the z axis. For example, if the elevation levels are in units


Default `TRUE`. Whether `z` should be measured in relation to the underlying elevation at that point in the heightmap, or set absolutely (`FALSE`).


Elevation above the surface (at the label point) to start drawing the line.


Default `FALSE`. If `TRUE`, it will clear all existing text and lines rendered with `render_label()`. If no other arguments are passed to `render_label()`, this will just remove all existing lines.


Default `1`. A numeric character expansion value.


Default `FALSE`. If `TRUE`, the label line is dashed.


Default `auto`. Length, in units of the elevation matrix (scaled by `zscale`) of the dashes if `dashed = TRUE`.


Default `3`. The line width.


Default `FALSE`. If `TRUE`, the line with be have anti-aliasing applied. NOTE: anti-aliasing can cause some unpredictable behavior with transparent surfaces.


Default `1`. Transparency of the label line.


Default `1`. Transparency of the label text.


Default `TRUE`. Set to `FALSE` if freetype is not installed (freetype enables anti-aliased fonts). NOTE: There are occasionally transparency issues when positioning Freetype fonts in front and behind a transparent surface.


Default `c(0.5,-0.5)`. The horizontal and vertical offset for the text. If `freetype = FALSE` and on macOS/Linux, this is adjusted to `c(0.33,-0.5)` to keep the type centered.


Default `"sans"`. Font family. Choices are `c("serif", "sans", "mono", "symbol")`.


Default `"standard"`. The font type. Choices are `c("standard", "bold", "italic", "bolditalic")`. NOTE: These require FreeType fonts, which may not be installed on your system. See the documentation for rgl::text3d() for more information.


Default `black`. Color of the line.


Default `black`. Color of the text.


montereybay %>% sphere_shade() %>% plot_3d(montereybay,zscale=50,water=TRUE) render_snapshot()
#We want to add a label to Santa Cruz, so we use the x and y matrix coordinate (x=220 and y=330)
render_label(montereybay,x=220,y=330, z=10000,zscale=50,text = "Santa Cruz") render_snapshot()
#We can also change the linetype to dashed by setting `dashed = TRUE` (additional options allow #the user to control the dash length). You can clear the existing lines by setting #`clear_previous = TRUE`.
render_label(montereybay, x = 300, y = 120, z = 10000, zscale = 50, text = "Monterey", text_color = "darkred", dashed = TRUE, clear_previous = TRUE)
#> Error in render_label(montereybay, x = 300, y = 120, z = 10000, zscale = 50, text = "Monterey", text_color = "darkred", dashed = TRUE, clear_previous = TRUE): unused argument (text_color = "darkred")
#By default, z specifies the altitude above that point on the elevation matrix. We can also specify #an absolute height by setting `relativez=FALSE`.
render_label(montereybay,x=50,y=130, z=2000,zscale=50,text = "Monterey Canyon",relativez=FALSE) render_snapshot()
#We can remove all existing labels by calling `render_label(clear_previous = TRUE)`
render_label(clear_previous = TRUE) render_snapshot()