Multiplies a texture array or shadow map by a shadow map.

add_shadow(hillshade, shadowmap, max_darken = 0.7, rescale_original = FALSE)



A three-dimensional RGB array or 2D matrix of shadow intensities.


A matrix that incidates the intensity of the shadow at that point. 0 is full darkness, 1 is full light.


Default `0.7`. The lower limit for how much the image will be darkened. 0 is completely black, 1 means the shadow map will have no effect.


Default `FALSE`. If `TRUE`, `hillshade` will be scaled to match the dimensions of `shadowmap` (instead of the other way around).


Shaded texture map.


#First we plot the sphere_shade() hillshade of `montereybay` with no shadows # \donttest{ montereybay %>% sphere_shade(colorintensity=0.5) %>% plot_map()
# } #Raytrace the `montereybay` elevation map and add that shadow to the output of sphere_shade() # \donttest{ montereybay %>% sphere_shade(colorintensity=0.5) %>% add_shadow(ray_shade(montereybay,sunaltitude=20,zscale=50),max_darken=0.3) %>% plot_map()
# } #Increase the intensity of the shadow map with the max_darken argument. # \donttest{ montereybay %>% sphere_shade(colorintensity=0.5) %>% add_shadow(ray_shade(montereybay,sunaltitude=20,zscale=50),max_darken=0.1) %>% plot_map()
# } #Decrease the intensity of the shadow map. # \donttest{ montereybay %>% sphere_shade(colorintensity=0.5) %>% add_shadow(ray_shade(montereybay,sunaltitude=20,zscale=50),max_darken=0.7) %>% plot_map()
# }