This dataset is a downsampled version of a combined topographic and bathymetric elevation matrix representing the Monterey Bay, CA region. Original data from from the NOAA National Map website.



A matrix with 540 rows and 540 columns. Elevation is in meters, and the spacing between each coordinate is 200 meters (zscale = 200). Water level is 0. Raster extent located in "extent" attribute. CRS located in "CRS" attribute.



# This is the full code (commented out) used to generate this dataset from the original NOAA data:
#bottom_left = c(y=-122.366765, x=36.179392)
#top_right   = c(y=-121.366765, x=37.179392) 
#extent_latlong = sp::SpatialPoints(rbind(bottom_left, top_right), 
#                 proj4string=sp::CRS("+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84"))
#monterey_cropped = raster::crop(montbay,extent_latlong)
#montbay_mat = raster_to_matrix(montbay_cropped)
#montereybay = resize_matrix(montbay_mat,0.05)
#attr(montereybay, "extent") = extent_latlong
#attr(montereybay, "crs") = crs(monterey_cropped)
#attr(montereybay, "crs") = crs(monterey_cropped)
#attr(montereybay, "rayshader_data") = TRUE